Product Package Option A – Selling more on Beauty Soaps

Option A in-house Product Content

  • 4 Bottles of either L-Gluta Power 462 or Pinkish Glow
  • 44 Royale Beauty Soap

Product Package Option A























The product package option A is a perfect package if you go for direct selling on Royale beauty soaps. This package is the most sellable and the first-choice package from newly registered Independent distributor.


Why choose product package option A?

There are advantages when you choose to purchase the option A product package whether for personal use or direct selling.

  1. For personal use. Let say for example you choose to get this package for skin care purposes. Since option A package allows you to choose 44 Royale beauty soaps, you can combine any quantity or have all the 44 beauty soaps exclusively for Kojic papaya, L-gluta whitening, or anti-ageing soap. So it’s up to you which soap you think suits your needs. After using the soaps for few weeks, you will surely start to see excellent results in your skin or face. Thus, you can simply market the products to your friends by telling them your testimony. I would say this option package might be ideal for you if you work in an office where you can easily share it with your colleagues and bosses. Remember, there’s no need for it to hard sell. Once your friends and colleagues saw your transformation, they will surely ask about the product. So not just getting your desired results for your skin, but it could be your additional income as well.


  1. For direct selling. Beauty product is truly in-demand among women. Especially beauty or whitening soap. Since most Filipino women wanted to make their skin white, selling a beauty whitening soap is not that hard as selling a real estate property. So there’s no reason to think twice that you would never have a positive sales on this kind of business (magsasabon), as you can see skincare whitening soaps is considered part of everyday rituals among women and even men.


Apart from skincare benefits, you will surely wow this package as you can only get this package for only Php 12,880 from its in-house product worth which is Php 16,110. So imagine how much income you get if you able to sell all the products within this package.


Other inclusion:

Distributor’s ID

Marketing kit

  • Product brochure
  • 5 pcs. Distributor Application Form


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