Product Package Option C

The Product Package Option C
Product Package Option C

Royale package Option C is a complete product package from Royale Wellness, Beauty, and L’Opulent products. This package is perfect for starting your Royale business whether in direct selling or network building since product package option C has a complete inclusion of Wellness products. The price value for this package is worth only Php 12,880.00

This option C package is also ideal for showcasing products to start a small display shop whether in your own residence or an office set up.

Option C product content

Below are the products included in product package option C.

  • 2 L-Gluta POWER 462
  • Spirulina
  • Riqall
  • Royale-C
  • Fitshape
  • Grapeseed
  • Diabetwatch
  • Fiberich
  • Choco ALL 8
  • Richarge
  • Royalè Blend Coffee
  • Choose any 7 Royalè Beauty Soaps (L-Gluta POWER Soap, Kojic Papaya Soap or Anti-Ageing Soap)
  • L-Gluta POWER Lightening Lotion
  • L-Gluta POWER Line Corrector Cream
  • L-Gluta POWER Lightening Cream
  • L’OPULENT Homme or Femme Anti- Perspirant Deodorant
  • Pinkish Glow Toner
  • Pinkish Glow Brightening Cream
  • Choose any 1 Royalè Beauty Lipstick


Good news. Don’t you know that the real price value of product package option C is Php15,139.00! But you can get this package only at price Php 12, 880.00. Plus points accumulation for the binary and multi-level program.

150 PPV – Product Points Value

600 MPV – Multi-level Points Value

300 UPV – Uni-level Points Value




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