Shelymar F. Aurigue


Shelymar F. Aurigue, 41, Insurance Specialist

royale user testimonial

After the birth of my third child in 2005, my uterus and right ovary had to be removed due to fibroids and cervical complications. The operation caused an early menopause (I was 35 years old at the time) and a lot of restrictions in my previously active lifestyle. I was distressed and I had mood swings which turned later on to full blown depression. I had other problems; Acute Labyrinthitis; anemia and I gained so much weight. My doctors prescribed hormone replacement which I wtas supposed to take until I am 50 years old. But it did not help; I was still miserable. In August, 2009, I started taking L-Gluta Power and Royale Grapeseed.

I tried it because I wanted to look good in my daughter’s debut party. I did not realize that my entire life will change; no more hot flushes, no more extreme mood swings, the constant tiredness was gone. Instead, I have an overall feeling of well being. To top it all, I have a fairer skin and I shed the unwanted pounds. January this year, I stopped taking my hormone replacement therapy medicines, and instead added Royale C to the supplements that I take.

I am glad I gave Royale a try; it has brought wonders to my life! Not only am I looking and feeling good but I am also earning very well with my Royale business.