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Royale Product Reviews

Royale Product Reviews – we should know our customer’s point of view.

Since 2006 when Royale Products was introduced in the Philippine market, many people were made successful and satisfied, speaking to its vision to be a globally-recognized business organization adhering to the highest standards of excellence through systematic marketing strategies, top-notch facilities and application of unique distribution scheme of world-class beauty and health products.

Royale Product ReviewsPeople around the world have tested the product and many of them had been buzzing its effectiveness and quality. From product reviews and online forum, many positive comments and recommendation came from happy customers.

One of the most discussed product reviews is the whitening product where Kojic Papaya Soap leads off among the Royale beauty soaps.

Some users like and dislike the product so it is important to know their point of view and judgment whether to continue using the product or not. Overall, Royale whitening soap has the stellar review among Royale beauty products.

Perhaps there are other Royale users who want to shout-outs and share their experienced about the products. That is why we encourage customers to submit their reviews and recommendation for product awareness and support.

At, we make worth your while by giving you an exclusive discount of any single item when you passed a reviews or feedback about the product you have purchased with us. If you are not a customer, you are also welcome to submit a guest review.

See below simple Steps to submit your reviews:

  1. Click on the Reviews tab section inline with the description and product video tabs
  2. If there are no reviews yet, click the Submit yours link. Otherwise, click Add Review button
  3. Type your Name, Email, Rating, Your Review, and click Submit.

Royale Business Opportunity – Answering Objections

Royale Business Opportunity – The Answering objections

Mr. Mike Tan the Vice-president of Royale Business Club pointed out some important factors in handling common objections to a prospect.

Always listen to your prospect’s questions or objections, if not, you will be giving the wrong answers and they will wonder why you gave stupid answers.

With this very much in mind, I have put together what I have learned during the training with Mr. Mike Tan for the Royale Business Opportunity orientation.



  • Objection is normal and common in the field of sales.
  • Don’t treat objection as a rejection but a form of interest.
  • Expect a lot of questioning.
  • Be prepared and practice, practice, practice


  • Listen and internalized the question properly
  • Don’t exaggerate and be sincere
  • Anticipate their questions (we are a manufacturing company/ we develop distributorship)
  • Treat the questions as a sign of interest
  • First accept their questions and then give the proper answers
  • Agree what’s the prospect’s opinions and ideas.


You can increase your sales/income by sponsoring new people in your organization and improve their skills.
Give more hour in getting more costumers, prospects, distributors. If you want more milk, get more cows.
Teach your people the value of training and learning every lessons as if they are a sponge
Only by preparing our people will they have the courage to face their face.


  • I don’t like selling
  • I have to think about it
  • I am not a good speaker
  • I have no friends
  • Is it a pyramiding scheme?
  • I’m too busy..
  • The market is already saturated
  • I don’t have money
  • I’m OK with my job.
  • I already joined before and it did not work for me


  • High belief system
  • Learning (No learning, no earning)
  • Confidence
  • Experience


Royale Brand is Awarded Superbrands



Superbrands – Two of its brands: Kojic Papaya Soap won the FINAT 2009 Europe International Label competition on June 12, 2009 at Antaly, Turkey, while the L-Gluta Power Soap won the 1st Place in the 32nd Annual Tag & Label Manufacturer’s Competition held in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA on October 20, 2009.


This year, Royale Business Club International Inc. gained the accreditation of the World’s Independent Arbiter on Branding the “Superbrands“. Its membership programmes pay tribute to the world’s leading brands, the brands that perform above and beyond other brands within their respective markets as selected by experts and consumers. Superbrands has launched its programs in many key global markets and has publications in over 80 countries.


Superbrands Background

Superbrands was founded by advertising executive Marcel Knobil in London in 1994. It began as a radio show on GLR (now BBC Radio London), which was aimed at giving ordinary customers an insight into the significant brands that touched their lives. Due to the success of the show the Superbrand organization was founded in 1995.

In each country that it operates, it aims to identify brands that perform above and beyond other brands within their respective markets. To facilitate this, each country has an independent and voluntary council, which is made up of notable experts in the branding and marketing communication industry as well as experts from local and international blue-chip organisations. Brands that are rated highly by both the council and consumers are eligible for inclusion in a Superbrands project. Step 1 Study: an independent study elects the strongest brands of the country called Superbrands. Step 2 Reward and Knowledge; Superbrands Seal of Excellence, The Superbrands book. In some countries they also hold seminars and Awards ceremonies.

Selection criteria

In each country that Superbrands operates in, it elects a Superbrands Council, which usually comprises industry experts and practitioners, which selects the top brands under various categories and awards them the status of “Superbrands”. Brands are invited to participate in the Superbrands project based on the following criteria: market dominance, longevity, goodwill, customer loyalty and market acceptancy.



The Royale Business

The Royale Business – Ultimate Health and Beauty

Welcome to Royale Business


Royale Business Club is a 100% Filipino-owned corporation established in 2006. From its headquarters in Quezon City, Philippines, the company is continually changing the landscape as we know it – from its expansion of branches throughout key cities in the country to international hotspots in the cities of Dubai, Taipei, Singapore, Doha and Abu Dhabi.

With pillars of industry leaders backed by years of experience and expertise in the Finance and Marketing, the company stands tall as the major player in the industry, offering its wide spectrum of FDA-approved health, wellness and beauty products.

royale business

royale business superbrands award

Royale Superbrands

Royale as a Brand is synonymous with innovation and modern. From the packaging to the over-all impeccable quality and service, Royale business club products are superlative in all aspects. Its success in the local and international markets is a glaring declaration of the feat.

As the company continued its drive for distinction, it gave credence to its products and the Royale Brand, in general.

This reputation was further reinforced in 2010, when Royale gained the accreditation of the World’s Independent Arbiter on Branding, the “Superbrands”. Royale waves its banner with pride as its joins other brands awarded with Superbrands status.



Royale Distributors aptly called Royalistas, are truly the bloodline of the company’s continual success. They are trained to do the business with a philosophy that runs in their veins: Helping People is Our Way of Life. Royalistas are driven by their passion to introduce topnotch products and service that they believe will change the lives of the people the way it has changed theirs.

Since 2009, Royale Business Club is giving its distributors international travel incentives to premium travel destinations not only throughout Asia  but to places like the glamorous Europe-Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands and many others. Royalistas were also awarded a relaxing and invigorating trip to Brazil in South America. Another destination in yet another continents are the magnificent South Africa and United States of America.

Not only is the company making an impact in the business scene, but Royale definitely marks a spot in giving what the hardworking Filipino really deserves.

The Business model of Royale is now the benchmark of Filipino-owned corporations who want to expand their operations worldwide. This pursuit requires more than hard work, but rather, it calls for continuous dedication to excellence and a pragmatic understanding of large-scale multinational operations. More importantly, a management with keen business sense, acumen and diligence of the highest level is required.



Royale continues to drive for excellence in all the facets of its operations: world – class products and services, state-of-the-art technology in research and development, establishment of branches here and abroad –  these components will seal a resounding statement that the Filipino entrepreneur can be at par with, if not better than, our foreign counterparts.

We invite you, with joy and excitement, to join us and experience the Royale experience. Let us be the beacons of hope and encouragement to our fellowmen who are searching for what we are all worthy of: a globally – competitive company that will bring effective and efficient professional and financial opportunities to everyone.


Welcome to your road to success. Welcome to Royale and be a Royalista


Royale products to the rescue – Antioxidants Doing their job!

Antioxidants in action

Do you know what antioxidants can do to our body? Yes indeed, our body has the ability to heal and fight viral infections through the help of our body’s immune system.

But our body also needs a reducing agent such as antioxidant. Antioxidants quenches free radical damage and oxidation stress. Oxidation occurs when molecules within your body lose electrons to electrically-charged molecules of oxygen in your blood stream. These electrically charged oxygen molecules are called “free radicals,” and they have the potential to cause damage to cellular DNA. Over time, the damage can become irreversible and lead to disease.


What is antioxidant?

Antioxidants are chemical compounds that are able to decrease the effects of free radicals.  It is naturally found in fresh fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains.  Fruits that has brighter colors and watery in its nature such as red tomatoes, berries and grapes are known to be rich in antioxidants. In which even grape seeds contains abundant amounts of antioxidants and now available in the market in the form of supplements.


What is free-radical?

Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that can cause damage to living cells (and hence cause disease).  Free radicals are thought to be a byproduct from a number of causes including environmental factors, unhealthy food and poor diet, smoking, radiation, and a number of other sources. The most common environmental factors in the Philippines is the smoke belching from cars and too much exposure in the sunlight which is typical to hard labor(c0nstruction)workers. The more you developed free radicals, your ageing process can become more abrupt.

Royale food supplements and beverages are good sources in improving ones body. Royale provides proven benefits to its customers and many users claimed true satisfaction and effectiveness of its products. See the image below illustrating how Royale products can prevent Free radicals and improve your overall state of being happy, healthy, and prosperous.

Royale products can now be purchase online

Welcome to

We are proud to announce that is now open to serve you. With, you can buy royale products online easily and securely. We are not just selling Royale products but to bring you effective and efficient professional and financial opportunities. We welcome you to your road to success and freedom.


Our Payment method

  • Paypal – You can pay securely with our verified paypal account. If you don’t have paypal account, you can pay with your credit or debit card.
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