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Product Reviews

Best Royale Products in 2014

Are you looking for the best beauty products for your beauty regimen and complete makeover? Well, here they are. These beauty products are the most sellable items in We based these reviews from our product sales and ratings. Most of our customers are from the Philippines and 5% are...

Product Reviews

Royale Product Reviews

Royale Product Reviews - we should know our customer's point of view. Since 2006 when Royale Products was introduced in the Philippine market, many people were made successful and satisfied, speaking to its vision to be a globally-recognized business organization adhering to the highest standards of excellence through systematic marketing strategies,...

Product Reviews

Royale products to the rescue – Antioxidants Doing their job!

Antioxidants in action Do you know what antioxidants can do to our body? Yes indeed, our body has the ability to heal and fight viral infections through the help of our body's immune system. But our body also needs a reducing agent such as antioxidant. Antioxidants quenches free radical damage...