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How to deal with Acne problem and long lasting pimples

Acne or pimple are very common to youngster in their adolescent stage. But very unfortunate for some adults who have very bad acne condition. Probably due to poor hygiene, stress, and genetic origin.


There are couple of simple ways to manage acne problems. Doing the below steps could prevent from getting it worst or even heal your face acne.

  1. Drink Plenty of water.
  2. Sleep early.
  3. Avoid fatty and oily foods.
  4. Wash your face or clean it with mild face cleanser before you sleep.


Acne ImagesIf you still can’t get rid of acne even after applying the steps mentioned above, I suggest you to use some effective skin care products from Royale Business Club. It is proven safe and effective by many, particularly from the people who work as Independent distributors. Of course, they should need to try out the product themselves first and see the effectiveness before they promote it to someone else.


Here are some before and after testimonial photos from few successful Independent distributor of Royale Business Club:

Royale testimony



Royale product testimony


Indeed, to see is to believe is commonly the reason for some people to think that a product is worth trying. Don’t think twice. Try it now,  as Royale beauty and skin care products are truly phenomenon among men and women today.

Take note that more of the testimonies of Royale skin care products are proven more effective through a combination of some wellness product.

From our latest survey and word of mouth, below are the most effective combination of beauty and wellness product that can help you get rid of acne and pimple problem.



best papaya soap


Why Royale Koiic soap is effective in acne problem treatment? Because it has exfoliating effect that makes the infected acne and swelling pimples dry. It lightens your skin and even treat other skin problems. Learn more about Royale Kojic Soap here.





Best Grapeseed supplement

Why we recommend Royale Grapeseed? Simply because it has anti-inflamatory effect that can help heal the swollen areas of your acne. Grapeseed is know as best anti-oxidant thus it promotes healing and improve blood circulation. Learn more about this product here








Powerful Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very important in our body. It is considered as the mother of all vitamins. Just like grapeseed, Royale vitamin c helps accelerate the healing process. Learn more about Royale vitamin C here.








Waterbase face tonerWhy use Pinkish Glow Toner? This product helps treat pimple problem. The good thing is that this product is a water-based thus safe and ideal for sensitive skin. Learn more about Pinkish Glow Toner here







Best Royale Beauty Products

Best Royale Products in 2014

Are you looking for the best beauty products for your beauty regimen and complete makeover? Well, here they are. These beauty products are the most sellable items in Royalista.net.

We based these reviews from our product sales and ratings. Most of our customers are from the Philippines and 5% are overseas. And about 97% of them are women who are solid buyers of royale beauty products.

Our selected best beauty products for this year 2014 are a combination of royale beauty soaps, beauty cream, facial toner, and whitening.


5 Top Best Seller Products


Kojic Papaya Soap

Kojic Papaya Soap

Royale Kojic Papaya – is our number 1 and best seller of the year. Most of our orders are from Metro Manila and Central Visayas particulary in Cebu City.  Normally, every customer’s order has this item included. Especially L-Gluta Power 700 and Grapeseed extract supplement. It looks that our customers are regularly using royale supplements and they noticed that combining it with Royale kojic papaya soap will produce best results.

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Pinkish Glow Toner

Pinkish Glow Toner

Pinkish Glow Toner – this product is the second top seller. Many of our customer commented that using pinkish glow toner combined with Royale kojic Papaya is proven more effective in whitening skin. This is true, especially in acne treatment for your face.

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L-Gluta Power Soap

L-Gluta Power Soap

Royale L-Gluta Power Soap – this is our third top seller item. Most of our customers are first time users of this product. They are more interested to try making their skin whiter. Usually they asked us first if it’s really effective, and how it is different from glutathione capsules. Usually, 50% of them return and purchase the product again. Also, one of our customers proudly tell her story that she gets even whiter and fairer skin after combining it with Royale Grapeseed supplement.

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L-GlutaPower Whitening Lotion

L-GlutaPower Whitening Lotion

L-Gluta Power Whitening Lotion – this product is our top seller for cash on delivery (COD) orders. Many of our customers who’re satisfied of its almost instant whitening effect when applied on the skin. We also spotted few men who used this whitening lotion for their skin.

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Pinkish Glow Brightening

Pinkish Glow Brightening

Pinkish Glow Brightening – we have consistent orders for pinkish glow brightening mostly from young women. They are those college students and age from 18 to 24. This is one of their several collections inside their kikay-kit. – they just simply like to carry it with them anywhere they go.

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There you have it, you can click on the View product details link to find out more about their benefits, reviews and pricing. We’ll continuously update this post for the next month reviews and other helpful articles for you to share. Let’s stay healthy always and Dream Big with Royale.



beauty products

Best Beauty Products

Woman everywhere around the globe are literally dying to know the best beauty secret and products for their beauty regimen. The truth is, all beauty secrets are not really at all secret and not all beauty products are all effective. We are born unique and thus a skin beauty product might affect differently from person to person whether a product is expensive or not expensive.

The Best Beauty Products For You

beauty productsHow can someone tell that a particular beauty product is the perfect one for her? Well basically, one would say that a beauty product works for her because she experienced the great results of the product as intended to be. Other would say that the beauty product she is using is no longer effective after a certain period of time or it’s not effective for her at all.

There are many beauty products in the market today that almost similar in terms of benefits, packaging, and label in various brands. But still many are unsure which of these beauty products are the most effective. Most woman prefer to use beauty product which is more affordable and they would take the risk of having bad results at the end.

The reality is, there are cheap beauty product that comes effective compare to expensive brands. While many also claimed that expensive beauty products are the most effective and proven. The bottom line is, it’s not about how expensive or cheap a product is, whether branded or not popular, what matters most is how the product remarkably works for you the way you wanted to be.

Do research about the product The best way to ensure if the product is safe and effective is to look for a product reviews. Many blogs and forum sites that has a good source for product reviews where you can seek advice from someone who already tested the product. Start your journey now to best beauty product hunting and consider taking a closer look of what Royale beauty products can do for you.

Royale could be the best beauty product for you. Since many people already enjoying the benefits of royale beauty products, we are very proud to recommend royale beauty products for your beauty needs. When it comes to beauty soaps, our Royale Kojic Soap , Royale L-Gluta Power Soap,  and L-Gluta Power Anti-ageing soap are the most in demand among women as proven and effective whitening and anti-ageing soap. Many people have switched from other skin whitening brand to Royale whitening products because of its fast results and great benefits which you’ve never imagine.

Many Filipino women who love this product, so why don’t you try these Royale beauty products below and see the results in just a week. If you see good results then a give credit to yourself and express it by providing an honest review of the product.

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