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How to deal with Acne problem and long lasting pimples

Acne or pimple are very common to youngster in their adolescent stage. But very unfortunate for some adults who have very bad acne condition. Probably due to poor hygiene, stress, and genetic origin.


There are couple of simple ways to manage acne problems. Doing the below steps could prevent from getting it worst or even heal your face acne.

  1. Drink Plenty of water.
  2. Sleep early.
  3. Avoid fatty and oily foods.
  4. Wash your face or clean it with mild face cleanser before you sleep.


Acne ImagesIf you still can’t get rid of acne even after applying the steps mentioned above, I suggest you to use some effective skin care products from Royale Business Club. It is proven safe and effective by many, particularly from the people who work as Independent distributors. Of course, they should need to try out the product themselves first and see the effectiveness before they promote it to someone else.


Here are some before and after testimonial photos from few successful Independent distributor of Royale Business Club:

Royale testimony



Royale product testimony


Indeed, to see is to believe is commonly the reason for some people to think that a product is worth trying. Don’t think twice. Try it now,  as Royale beauty and skin care products are truly phenomenon among men and women today.

Take note that more of the testimonies of Royale skin care products are proven more effective through a combination of some wellness product.

From our latest survey and word of mouth, below are the most effective combination of beauty and wellness product that can help you get rid of acne and pimple problem.



best papaya soap


Why Royale Koiic soap is effective in acne problem treatment? Because it has exfoliating effect that makes the infected acne and swelling pimples dry. It lightens your skin and even treat other skin problems. Learn more about Royale Kojic Soap here.





Best Grapeseed supplement

Why we recommend Royale Grapeseed? Simply because it has anti-inflamatory effect that can help heal the swollen areas of your acne. Grapeseed is know as best anti-oxidant thus it promotes healing and improve blood circulation. Learn more about this product here








Powerful Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very important in our body. It is considered as the mother of all vitamins. Just like grapeseed, Royale vitamin c helps accelerate the healing process. Learn more about Royale vitamin C here.








Waterbase face tonerWhy use Pinkish Glow Toner? This product helps treat pimple problem. The good thing is that this product is a water-based thus safe and ideal for sensitive skin. Learn more about Pinkish Glow Toner here







The Best Beauty Products

How to join Royale Business Club

How to join Royale Business Club?

We are certain that many of you would like to know how to become an Independent Distributor of Royale Business Club Philippines. And probably, many of you have heard about the company’s competitive network marketing system and its awarded super branded products. To top it all, Royale Business Club provides a clear and transparent business plan and one of the best Health and Beauty company to be affiliated with. I know you’re  excited and interested – so keep on reading.

Please read through this quick guide on how to join Royale Business Club.


1.How to join Royale Business Club Attend Royale Business Presentation (RBP). If you live in areas where Royale has regional branches like  Cebu, Quezon City, and Davao. You can call directly to  the office and inquire for a possible RBP schedule.







sign up with Royale2. Fill in the Independent Distributor’s Registration Form. Now, you need a sponsor in order to register as a member? We are here to serve as your sponsor(upline) and help you in your club membership process. You can contact me directly at 09269523524.






Royale premium Package


3.Choose your preferred Royale Club Membership Package. Choose the right Royale premium package to begin with. There are 5 premium package to choose from. Each package has a combination of Royale products and cost Php12,888.   To learn more about Super King package variations.


See below.



Super King Packages

Product Package Option A

Super King Package B

Product Package Option C

Super King Package D

Super King Package E

4. You don’t need to see us or request a membership form. Just fill in the form in the Join Royale Business page and we will get in touch  and guide you on how to proceed.

Once you’re already a member. You are entitled to get a great product discounts for all Royale Items. And a lot of exciting privileges and perks that you will surely enjoy as Royale Independent distributor.

For independent distributors:

  • Lifetime Discounts up to 30% to all In-house products
  • World-wide sales
  • Seasonal Giveaways (any)
    • Entertainment Tickets
    • Any two boxes of regular or lite 8-in-1 Royalé Coffee
    • Any four boxes of Royalé Beauty Soap
  • Product Knowledge Seminar
  • Team Building
  • Sales and Marketing Training

Enjoy the life of a member/ distributor with so many incentives and privileges offered!

  • Php14,490 of products
  • Activation Card (150 Package Point Value)
  • Marketing Tools
  • 24/7 Web access to Independent Distributor Tracking Center
  • One Year Personal Accident Insurance
    • Audio-Visual Presentation CD
    • Application Form
    • Product Catalogue
    • Corporate Folder
    • Independent Distributor ID
  • Accidental Death and Displacement *100,000
  • Permanent Total Disablement *100,000
  • Unprovoked Murder and Assault *100,000
  • Medical Reimbursement*10,000
  • Burial Benefit*10,000


[icon icon=icon-play size=16px color=#008000 ] Alright sparky! Its your turn now to grab this great opportunity and reach your dream with Royale Business Club. To learn more about how to handle and answer objections, please read through this helpful article and get healthy insights from the expert.

[btn text=”Join Us Today!” tcolor=#FFF bcolor=#008000 link=”http://www.royalista.net/join-the-club/”]



Royale products can now be purchase online

Welcome to Royalista.net

We are proud to announce that Royalista.net is now open to serve you. With Royalista.net, you can buy royale products online easily and securely. We are not just selling Royale products but to bring you effective and efficient professional and financial opportunities. We welcome you to your road to success and freedom.


Our Payment method

  • Paypal – You can pay securely with our verified paypal account. If you don’t have paypal account, you can pay with your credit or debit card.
  • Direct Bank Transfer – Pay directly into our BPI bank account. We will provide to you our bank details once you submitted an order and selected Direct Bank Transfer as payment method.
  • Cash on Delivery – We are happy and excited to provide a Cash on Delivery(COD) with your orders within Dipolog and Dapitan City only.
  • Western Union – Make your payment thru Western Union outlets. Once you complete your orders, we will send you thank you note with the recipient details attached.
  • ML Kwarta Padala – Send your payment easily with any ML kwarta padala branches nationwide. Once you complete your orders, we will send you thank you note with the recipient details attached.
  • LBC – Pay with any LBC branches in your area. Once you complete your orders, we will send you thank you note with the recipient details attached.

Important reminders: For Western Union, ML Kwarta Padala, LBC payments. Please provide your tracking code and inform us once the payment is sent. For more information about delivery, please refer to shipping and delivery page.

 Buy Royale via smartphones or ipad

Our online shop gives you a whole new royale experience because we designed it very user-friendly with responsive feature that will fit to all device like ipads, android phones, and various monitor sizes.

 Buy Royale via facebook

With our facebook page, you can choose and buy  royale products directly.